Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reindeer Romp at The L.A. Zoo

Another adventure occurred right before the holidays. I was invited to cover the Reindeer Romp at the L.A. Zoo on Nov. 20th. Such a treat to go and see a reindeer family with two babies in their Reindeer Village. Anyone is able to see these new babies and more until January 8th, 2017. That means plan your trip now before the Reindeer Romp is gone. 

Soft velvety hide and smooth antlers
Well first off my son and I entered the Reindeer Village home to get up close and personal with the two baby reindeer. They were quite big for babies but docile and shy when moving. I remember the zoo attendant that was on sight mentioned the reindeer being several months old. My son and I were able to touch an antler too. A new fact we learned about the reindeer is female reindeer retain their antlers until they give birth to their young. Male reindeer shed their antlers each winter. 

Now that's a groovy pink flamingo....yes!
Now what else can you expect on a weekend visit to the L.A. Zoo. A lot. Their is the reindeer keeper talks twice daily. My son and I experienced one of those. Hence the new antler fact we learned. There was also holiday crafts which our antler headbands did get wet from the light rain so I don't have any proof that we did them. The memory of it will suffice. Some more activities to experience are the Swazzle Holiday Extravaganza puppet shows, seasonal music entertainment by the Beverly Belles and a rotating schedule of animals unwrapping gifts of their own. 

One of the baby reindeer eating
Lions like to cuddle...
It did rain a lot more toward the end of our visit to the zoo. However that didn't stop my son and I from really taking in all the zoo had to offer. We saw a trio of hippopotamus in their area. Plus it was feeding time. Boy that was a sight. The male hippo was treated to 3 heaping amounts of veggies and watermelon. That mouth of his was very large. That was a very special treat as it was a first time, in real life, to witness the feeding of a hippo. 

Again we meandered around the zoo. Elephants, lions, giraffes, a slew of various monkeys, gorillas and birds too. My son took a great amount of photos with his phone so some of those photos made it into this blog post. His perspective was a bonus. I enjoyed all the various facial expressions he had throughout the day. Before we left we did go back to the Reindeer Village home to see the two reindeer babies again. Such curious creatures that walk unsteady here and there but so big to be so young. 

Both baby reindeer laying cute! 
I highly recommend visiting the L.A. Zoo before January 8th, 2017 which then the Reindeer Romp rides back to the north pole. It isn't often you get to see them, experience them and learn new facts about them. My son and I learned a few things. For more information visit their website and go experience the romping and more. 

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