Tuesday, November 29, 2016

KODO Design: A New Mazda CX-5

One aspect of the LA Auto Show that I was able to experience thanks to SheBuysCars.com was the new KODO designed Mazda CX-5. This is a car that has a new stance, newly formulated paint and more. Another insider aspect was meeting Julian, part of the design team for the new CX-5. His perspective and recount of the car's design process allowed for a better understanding of this particular car. So let me get to it.

A sales detail about this model is it accounts for 25% of their annual sales in around 120 countries. An aspect that Julian shared about Mazda is the emotional connection with customers that they dream of creating. So there is a lot of work put into making that dream come to fruition. There were a few key points he touched on about the invigoration of the body and also the joy of driving. Like focusing on the 'stance' of the car as Julian stated at their brand press event.

The all new CX-5 refines every aspect of Mazda's technology, design and it is the first step of that journey. Mazda is determined to break through traditional trade-off between driving pleasure and passenger comfort. An indicator of that is how the new color creation and process led to a rich red that at various angles has a different hue and catches light to these varying shade notions. That color was named Soul Red Crystal which combines vivd highlights and crystalline depths which in turn accentuates the new design.

I will mention some new features both on the exterior and interior of this new design. For the exterior there is a lower center of gravity and a 10mm wider front and rear tread giving the CX-5 a more powerful stance. A front grille has a mesh section that has a three-dimensional pattern. So sporty looking. Now for some interior features the instrumentation cluster has an outward flow from the center steering wheel giving an ambience of roomy width in the cabin space. One feature that stood out to me was the natural wood and metal combination giving it a fresh depth expression.

Overall I see Mazda put time into their re-design process and kept their eye on design, though out appointments with instrumentation and focused on a new color process as well. Their traditional and long held design process is a labor intensive process. It was great to see, hear and experience. Thank you again to She Buys Cars and Mazda for getting a more in depth look at their newly designed CX-5.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The LA Auto Show

Kia Optima EX - what I'm driving now....love it! 
So do you like to drive fast or slow? Are you into sporty or luxury accoutrements? Does it matter if it is a small or large sized vehicle? Is there concern for the environment associated when thinking about cars? Hopefully one or more of things will be answered for me when I attend the LA Auto Show on Nov. 16th & 17th with shebuyscars.com

This will be my first time attending this event. I'm going to all the advance press/media events as a 'dad' blogger. It is a dream come true to be able to see and experience the auto show up close and early! I am a car guy. Cars are like my oxygen. I live and breathe them. One example of that is here and here. Oh and did I mention that Kia sent me a car too!
Kia Sportage EX and my son

Kia Sedona XL 
Driving in style and luxury all around Los Angeles enjoying the California sun. What did I get sent?! A 2016 Optima EX in a rich burgundy with touches of deep purple plum. The interior is a nice grey leather with comfort and luxury in one. Okay I digress right. Can you tell I love the car?! Cars are one of my things, my joy and passion. I dig them. Yes I do. Oh and one thing is there is a giveaway for some tickets to the LA Auto Show. Click on the link below and enter for a chance to get tickets to go and enjoy all the refinements and advances in the many car brands out there.

I included some pics of various Kia cars I've experienced already. The first thing up for me with the LA Auto Show is the new Mazda CX-5 Reveal Party. Stay tuned for all the wheels, technology and more.

Kia Sorento V6 AWD with 3rd Row Seat

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