Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stefan King: The Goldbergs Halloween

Get ready for the fun laughs and nostalgia of Halloween and a little 'Stefan King' which is the tile of tonight's show.

This episode of The Goldbergs has Adam contemplating horror writing which stems from his love & adoration of Stephen King. So Adam writes his own story. Something more close to home comes out of his creative thinking. It sends his mother into a 'proud of her son' frenzy and she wants to share it with her neighborhood book club. Lots of laughs on that part.

Another story arc is Erica who needs a date for her costume dance and ends up taking her brother Barry. A lot more laughs, embarrassment and heartfelt family support ensue. I won't give away too much of the story and supply a preview of a scene from tonight's show. Now as for the set visit and interview let me impart some of those details.


Sean Giambrone led the tour of the set and mentioned the details associated with The Goldbergs. It is clear that in order to capture the decade of the show many small fine details need to be present. Executive Producer (real life Adam) Adam F. Goldberg stated, "...the wig wasn't even set for Beverly's character..." That wig has now become one of the many important pieces of the show. It was also mentioned how costly some of the 'toys' in
Adam's bedroom set have been. Those are packed up daily so as to avoid anything going missing.

One key take away from the interview was that Adam wanted to make sure the moments or the memories he captured are present in the tv show. At the root of it all, the show is
about family, support and being able to give each other what they need at any moment in their lives. Family will be there to help cheer you up, showcase your talents to those around them as Beverly did with her son's writing and keep your best interest at heart.

The Goldbergs will make you laugh. It will definitely make you remember the Halloween spirit and above all else at the core of the show will be family. Be sure to watch the show tonight on ABC. Check your local listings for time.

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