Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween With Dr. Ken

Is it a tale that has been told many times over? How about a typical Halloween show? Are there going  to be the usual jokes and references to Halloween in general? Well if you want to learn about the story of the Korean ghost named a 'gwishin' then tune-in to Dr. Ken tonight to see it on ABC. Read along for some details from my set visit and interview with the cast of the show.

So the start of the set visit for the Dr. Ken show gave a 'real life' home feeling. The
home layout and separate rooms are as any typical home may be. Details are evident here. Suzy Nakamura, who plays Allison Park on the show, stated that the various show departments pay attention to detail so much that a 'story board' of character outfits, inspiration and thematic references are always at the ready. This episode's 'story board was shown.

Now how can a ghost story be funny scary and folk tale-like all at the same time? You will need to tune in to Dr. Ken to find out. The show is more about family, life, growth and learning. A journey with this family with different cultural references with a lot of family and life situations. I'll let you in on a show topic before you see it. It pertains to learning to let go, to be present when needed and accept the maturation process.

If you want to see Ken Jeong play a role that is about family, fatherhood, work and more then tune in tonight on ABC for Dr. Ken. This Halloween episode will have many aspects to it so pay attention. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. Here is a sneak peek link just in case:

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Dana Lee, plays D.K. and tells the 'gwishin' story
Krista Marie Yu (Molly) & Albert Tsai (Dave) The Park Family Children
Me (Joël) on set of Dr. Ken - The Park Family living room

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