Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kia Ride and Drive San Diego 2016

I began blogging to tell my story. I needed to let folks know what it was like to be me. How a latino male who is a stay at home dad was navigating parenting and also trying to find support. I have many passions and cars is one of them. I didn't ever think that my blogging would lead to me getting invited to an influencer event and for Kia. Like wow!!! 

The Kia Ride & Drive Discover The New Kia Event in San Diego at the Hard Rock Hotel is where I recently was at. The theme was 'Rockin'! A guitar pic was the branded logo that Kia used for their marketing and what a red carpet welcome for all these influencers. The room was filled with new faces and familiar ones. My journey there was shorter than most as I drove down from Los Angeles with my friend Joshua Hicks and Monique Frausto. So these content creators, people, dads, moms, story tellers, writers, photographers, editors, videographers and then me. Me. All in a wonderfully catered event. 

The arrival to the event offered a large 3 room Hospitality Suite. It was decked out to the finest detail. I am all about the details. Snake skin leather lounge chairs, leather modern sofas, with sleek modern furnishings and more. Did I mention there was 4 player Pac-Man, two pinball machines, a dart board and a Harman Kardon sound display. Also thank you to Harman Kardon for their gracious gift of an Esquire Mini wireless portable speaker. Their sound systems are also equipped in the Kia Sportage 2017 that I drove. 

Now what fun this adventure was. A scenic drive with some fun and tasty delights at Krispy Kreme and then back for some fish and chips or whatever else at Tin Fish. I know there was other great food but I can really only remember the cars and the fun. The Kia Optima was the car of choice for my lip sync contest entry, you can view Cars That Go Boom which showcases one part of the fun. Boy did the car go boom! LoL! Myself and Danyelle won 4th place and thank you to Joshua Hicks for the help with out video. You may also read about Danyelle’s experience at The Cubicle Chic

I had a lovely king suite with a shower that I wanted to take home. I met Joe of Joe's Daily, you can find him here. Also my new friend Africa Miranda killed the live band karaoke on the closing night dinner. There was plenty to eat. Nobu sushi, tacos, green chicken curry, donuts, ice cream, libations and more. One cool thing was a prize for every time you sang a karaoke song. 

definitely got up there and did some thangs and broke some thangs. Hahaha, lol! I felt one of the best parts was deepening the friendships I had made prior to this event. 

I just want to say that on the near anniversary of my best friend’s death I have something to cerebrate. I have something to be proud of. I am living my dream. I am telling my story. I am going on. I am here. I am enjoying what I have been afforded. I will still rise. Whether in a Kia Sportage or an Optima or their upcoming Niro HUV. A cool hybrid utility vehicle which I will be exploring soon. My friend gave me the advice to let my big flame shine bright. Let all of me radiate. I am doing that and people are taking notice. I am being accepted and I am doing what I love. Another person I'm happy to call friend is John Dominguez and he told me to 'never stop being me and let my voice be heard' just as my best friend had. 

Coincidence, I think not. More like the wisdom of those around me is just reassurance that I am doing the right thing. I am living authentically. I am me. Thank you to The Kia Team, John Dominguez, my friends, the new ones made and more for all the support. I am basking in all of what I experienced. I look forward to more. So I leave you all with this, share some soul. It has been shared with me and I share it wherever I go.