Friday, July 29, 2016

Fashion Friday: Kids Graphic Tees

It is another Fashion Friday post. Yes yes! My affiliate Cents of Style has a new featured item just in time for back to school shopping or whatever the occasion need you may have. Like a birthday gift or a 'just because' gift. Little trite kid's graphic tees are that hot item.

As you know a graphic tee is perfect for a night out and or part of a causal outfit. The same can be applied to these cute and sassy kid's graphic tees. Pick the saying that best matches your child's personality. I definitely see some that I want to have for my son and daughter. The 'Let It Go' one is perfect for Ja and Jo would definitely choose the 'Rad' tee. Funny thing is my children do wear uniforms to school but I would have them in these which allows them to show their individual personalities.

Cents of Style folks have given me my own personal affiliate link. The benefit of that is each sale tee becomes $4.99 and each regular price tee is $11.99. Plus free shipping. Bam What! All you gotta do is use code BACK2. Isn't that great. Now that is incentive to go and purchase more than one to send to friends, family and your own children. Great thing to share with aunts, uncles, dads, moms, extended family and friends too! The sale is good until Sunday 7/31/16 midnight MST/11pm PST.

Here is the link:

Fashion Friday - 7/29/16 - Kid's Graphic Tees (Starting at $5!) + FREE SHIPPING w/code BACK2

So the back to school celebrations are in full swing. Find something unique, fun and at a great price point. Kids can arrive in style when school resumes. Lastly, check out my last post here for other products I've featured from Cents of Style. (Note: The promo code for that product has ended but those items are still available for purchase.)

*This blog is sponsored by Cents of Style. All opinion and content is my own.

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