Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Me & Credit Karma

I've recently partnered with Credit Karma®. I didn't really ever think about my credit reports or scores but it has come to forefront on my mind. So now I have a new way of staying on top of that. Let me tell you how it applies to me.
I know that credit is a buy it now and pay later or in installments (that's my simple take on it as I can be long-winded so I will spare you all the mumbo jumbo of what would be a novel). I also know it isn't smart to over spend either. Well I know I have credit and credit history. I needed to know this as my finances are jointly tied with my husband. I am married and I have to be aware of my scores and report. Well now I can add that to my 'done' list of my tasks. Yes I do make a 'to-do' list and sometimes I get to the tasks at hand. (I move at a glacial pace sometimes.)
So what is Credit Karma. Well it offers services such as a financial assistant. I know, a financial assistant, sounds complicated. Here is what that means. Credit Karma helps you see your credit, loans and other pertinent information surrounding that. The main goal is to keep you, the consumer, aware of what is going on. It's a peace of mind knowing how your credit report stands. Think of it as a secure way to keep that information at your fingertips.
Here are other services provided by Credit Karma. It provides access to credit reports from two major bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, that can update weekly. Their credit monitoring will allow users to be notified about changes to their credit report – a valuable tool for catching fraud early. Which is helpful when a credit card gets lost, or loss of wallet or purse. You can have peace of mind knowing things are right there via your phone on the Credit Karma app or their website.
A few other features I find advantageous is Credit Karma’s Credit Score Simulator which will enable users to see what kind of impact hypothetical financial scenarios could have on their credit score. That is something that you would think isn't helpful but say you are aware of your work situation changing or other unforeseen life situations. This is a way to pre-plan and prepare for what may need to be done or adjusted. A failure to plan is a plan for failure. That's my motto. I really like this feature a lot.
Another one of my favorite things about this app is Credit Karma’s Direct Dispute™. It allows consumers to easily notify TransUnion of errors or mistakes on their credit reports. With just a few clicks, these can submitted for removal. As many as 1 out of 4 credit reports contain errors! So knowing the mistakes, errors or any other details is easily disputable directly from the app or website. The control of your credit report is right there. I know I feel much better about my credit report. I am able to monitor it myself. Simple and readily available.
One thing I'm excited about is Credit Karma will have a booth at LA PRIDE on June 10th-12th and I will be onsite with them on June 12th. I'm looking forward to learning more from the representatives there. Plus if you are in the area of Los Angeles/West Hollywood, then come stop by and check out their booth. I encourage you to come mingle and learn about this cool service and app. I know you will want to see me too, I will be there.

*This is a sponsored post. I am working with Credit Karma. All opinions are my own.