Friday, June 3, 2016

The Buzz

I have something on repeat to inspire me. It has been part of my soundtrack to my life for the past 3 years now. Each song has different meanings to me. Coincidentally the song contents apply to my life. I take inspiration, reflection, hope and fortitude from these songs. Here is one of them with some of the lyrics typed out for you to read. 

"I fight a battle everyday against discouragement and fear. Some foe stand always in my way. The path ahead is never clear. I must forever be on guard against the doubts skulk along. I get ahead by fighting hard but fighting keeps my spirit strong. If a mirror shows your heart pieces would fall from your guard. No more hiding in the dark. I see you for who you are, I can rearrange the parts take the temper of the gods. Won't surrender to your arms. No more peace sound the alarm. No more reasons to hold on. Now who's in your army who's gonna shield you from flame. Now you're crying. Wanted you to love me but you never seemed to care. Warfare. All Good, right here what'cha wanna do. Warfare I'm good, I'm right here." - Dawn Richard 'Warfaire' (that's how the song title is spelled)

I listen to that daily. I apply it to myself on a daily basis. I trudged, I battled, I fought and I won't give up. I struggle beyond and I'm quiet about it but I feel it is important to share that I've overcome it. I'm happy to announce that I accepted my first ever paid campaign as a blogger/brand influencer as a lifestyle blogger. The best part is it is during L.A. Gay Pride 2017. Bam what!  Wow! 

That right there let's me know that I am doing something right. As a Latino and Native American decent gay male father I'm very aware of how I'm showing/sharing an all inclusive representation of family, marriage and love. The power of my social media voice has led to me impacting people. My recent BuzzFeed Parents video interview has also proved that. I graciously had friends state their sentiment and share the interview about me and my family. That also recently happened as I type/edit this blog post. I am continually amazed. As of June 3rd, it currently has 420k views on YouTube and 1.5 million views via Facebook. It was even shared in a London Dad's Group, a dad friend let me know that. Wow! 

I get to tell my children and my husband that our story I'm telling is making a difference. That we matter, we are a family (not that I feel we aren't one - more of an affirmation) and look at what I've accomplished all on my own. I've had so many wonderful opportunities that has led me to this destination. The rest was up to me. I had to do the work. I did it! I am humbly proud of that. 

I didn't give up. I remained diligent. I fought hard and kept going. It is possible. You can do it. I'm not trying to sound preachy or manifesto-ish about this. I am simply stating that I kept working hard. So keep going. Be yourself always. Stand strong, fight the fight and don't be afraid to ask for help. I asked for help. I leaned on those that let me lean. I kept myself and my family in my mind always. I had fortitude and determination. That did take practice. I felt moments of weakness. I overcame. I am here. I am still standing. I am still smiling. I am me! 

I will link the video here for you all to see. Thank you to everyone that is still here. My mind is blown

*My opinions are my own. I was not compensated for any of this post. This is not an ad. 


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