Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day: This Is The Part of Me

It is Father's Day today. It is going to be a very hot day here in Los Angeles. I can feel the heat already. What does all of that have to do with anything? I am not entirely sure. I know that I want to share something with you all. I am doing my first giveaway and have partnered with Lego® for a Dad Giveaway.  Let me tell you a story so it all makes sense. 

I did a Lego Dad Truth back when I attended Dad 2.0 Summit, which I blogged about here Dad 2.0. My dad truth was about how I have a back plan for dinner should I spill it on the floor. It is totally true because it has happened to me before once, a lot. I have included the picture. Now this did get me thinking about fathers and fatherhood. I am parenting how I feel it best supports my children. I also listen to my husband's input even when I don't want to hear it or like it. It isn't about me. 

Well for the giveaway, I am asking you to share your nostalgia story from your childhood relationship with dad(s). You may enter the giveaway via the link on my website. Then once you are done please tag me on Twitter @3jsand1s using the hashtag #LegoDad, my desire is to inspire memories of how fatherhood impacted you as a child. Plus I want to encourage fatherhood support in general. Fathers are here. Fathers are there. The movement hasn't begun, it is here already. 

My story down memory lane is I remember my father taking me camping. True camping. Tents, rivers, bonfires and early morning breakfast. How did my dad manage to have sausage or bacon......he would get up early to get it and cook it up. He enjoyed this a lot! We would hike trails and make our own too. If we had to cross a river, we would hold our clothes in our hands and trudge through it. Swimming around was how we would cool off. We were among nature. Just doing whatever. 

It was from my father that I learned how to be gentle when you fall and hurt your knee. He would tenderly dab and swipe the blood and mend it with ointment. He would place a band-aid so cleverly that it covered everything. I learned from my father how to make a nice dry rub for tri-tip that I still use. I learned from my father responsibility. As a young man in his early 20s with 3 sons he took care of his children. He made sure we were safe. I learned a lot from him. 

I want to share with you all that so much can be taken from us without our desire and some things we must choose to let go of. There are also things that you will have forever. I have learned that this is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me. Not 'you' specifically but I mean it in general. All the great qualities I learned from my father I will hold onto. It is all I have of him. I cherish that. It is what I need. Plain and simple. 

So now, as a parent,  a father, a husband, a friend and more. I am being a father that I need to be and what I have learned as well. I am there for my daughter and my son. I bask in what opportunities are there to create wonderful memories with them. I am on this parenting journey with my husband and I am happy. Just wow! Please enter the raffle so that I may be able to have someone win some cool products from Lego. I'm honored to have partnered with them. Having the ability to discuss fatherhood, share my parenting journey and meet more fathers is the best Father's Day gift I can receive this year. 

*I have partnered with Lego. The opinions expressed are all mine. 

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