Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Am 8! Well Not Me, My Son Is......Wow!

It is now May 28th. My son turned 8! Wow! I can not believe that 5 years ago he entered my life and Sean Morris's life. It seems like yesterday that he asked me for his very first breakfast meal, which was scrambled eggs (ended up making him 2 eggs/ 3 times), and how he kept asking for more once done. I didn't know how much kids eat. I was so scared of what I didn't know and what I thought I knew. It was very unsettling. I honestly feared what was I going to do wrong or what mistake I was going to make. I did learn so much about who I am as a person and a father/parent. I have to say that being able to be a stay at home dad has brought so much joy, opportunities and love to my life. I have grown. I have expanded my mind. My hear is full. I am in love with my son, my daughter and more in love with my husband. I am elated, ecstatic if you will. I look forward to continuing my growth, learning and love. I will look onward to my son's future knowing that he has a lot to teach me and offer to my life. Thank you Jonathan for being my son and giving back to me. One day you will fathom what that means.

Where is this 3 yr old now!? 

Jonathan wearing the first hat I ever bought him....

The kids and their puppy Hershey
They named her. 

Jonathan loves Vampires 

awaiting his hand treatment....what did I start?! 

Build a Bear time! 

Brunching it up at Urth Caffé

the first two teeth he ever lost.....he had a lisp for a long time

I just LOVE his silly faces! 

Okay I am not ready for him and his sister to drive...is this a preview to their high jinx?!

tech savvy 

yes a bow tie and he loves them...no influence on my part

Cuddle TIme! 

Daddy and Son matching tattoos......ha not really, fake glitter ones from a b'day party

another 3 yr old who I miss so much, he always took care of his sister 

family fun after his kindergarten commencement ceremony

It doesn't snow in Los Angeles......hhhhmmm

one of the many to come ER room visits....I always go into fight mode
I just don't know how else to react. I love him! 

My son and his sister just giving each other sibling love, precious! 

I totally get caught up playing with my kids! 

No we are not in Hawaii.....at WeHo Park.

WOF: Weekend of Fun snapshot

Styling Fashionistas! 

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