Friday, September 21, 2012

DadSquared....Whoda' Thunk It

Hello folks, 

It is me Joël. I also am now going to refer to myself as, GayDad. So GayDad here. I felt it necessary to let the blogging world know that, yes, I am a gay parent. So that I can educate and shed light on my parenting experiences. That my stuggles, life and worries are all the same as any other dad or mom for that matter. Anyhow on to the interview at hand.

 I have my next interview installment featuring DadSquared blogger Henry Amador-Batten. He resides in Florida, that state of oranges, and is also a salon owner. He and his partner have been together 3yrs now, according to his Facebook page (if I'm incorrect I apologize). They are a same sex homosexual couple who are also fathers. Henry was kind enough to offer me his insight, parenting thoughts and perspective on his blog and what started this endeavor of his. So here it is.....

Professional Title DADsquared

Why did you start your website? 

Well, personally, it began years ago as a way to chronicle our journey to Fatherhood. Soon I realized that there were others like me without a place to share their hope and fears. Eventually it evolved to where it is now. Both the site and the FaceBook page reflect the reality that we exist and that being Gay, Married and Parents is no longer a dream.
What was your main goal or goals for the website?

It will one day be a live and living journal not only for my child(ren) but for the Gay Parent rights movement as well.

What do you feel would be a benefit of your site to the dad community at large? Whether gay or straight
We have always maintained that there are still so many Gay men out there that still see the idea of marriage and family as an impossibility. Our goal is to show them that the life they dream of is possible and by supplying resources and sharing other's experiences it may help them to see thier light and follow it.
We always say our world is changing " one baby at a time."

What are your thoughts of heterosexual families and same sex families of the male specific?
Raising happy and healthy children requires the same skills, challenges and foundations whether your Gay, Straight, male, female or anything in between.
Once your a Parent, who you love or sleep with (if your lucky enough to get sleep!) takes a back seat to your new role as Dad!

What challenges do you feel that stay at home dads face? 

Well I can not personally speak to this, we are a two parent working family. I do however know many stay at home Dads, I'll leave that answer in their very capable and busy hands..
How do you approach the concept of dads being more and more at home with their kids? Is it still an unconventional thing?
Gosh, being a Gay Dad is certainly unconventional, and there are many single Dads having kids by choice, that too is so unconventional. I would guess to say that stay at home Gay Dads get it from both sides.... The gender role questions... Not only taking on the role of Mom as the caretaker but also as the breadwinner... Again, the experts, like you, are better suited to answer that question.
What would you offer to men who are stay at home dads as advice or insight to their roles in their family?
I would simply thank them for the roles they are playing in creating a new world! Your children will be amazing men and women.. Bravo!

Thank you to Henry for your time and answers to my questions. I can see you place high value on stay at home parents, whether male or female, based on your answer references to me as a stay at home parent. I did take from this interview that 'ALL' parents have the same struggles, issues, worries and day-to-day lives. So no matter your partner, you as a parent are going through it together llike so many other parents. We all just want to share our story and have some commonality with each other. A form of educating each other on how we as individual families handled our situations and relating to one another as parents. I appreciate your time and participation in my interview series. Please check out Henry's blog and also his Facebook page DadSquared. Until my next interview series of other bloggers out there. 

Lastly, mind your manners, say 'please' and 'thank you' for it gets you a lot. I know because I speak from experience. GayDad out! 


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