Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahoy there Y'all

So I know it has been a very long time since my last post. I didn't have anything to really say but alas now I do.

My daughter had her 4th birthday party and the theme was 'Princess & Prince' and it was a blast. Note to self, next time make more than 4 pitchers of sangria for the adults. Boy did these parents guzzle it down. Oh and the two types I made were a lemon lime orange white wine sangria and an orange white wine sangria. They were my first sangria making success. What I enjoyed the most about the party was the fact that Sean's (my partner) aunt Francine, who was here in business from South Carolina, made it to the party.

I did get to know some of my newer parent friends that day. My friend Andy, his son and my kids' godmother Annette went to dinner with us. A BIG THANK YOU to Paul Kuszynski who grilled the hot dogs and hamburgers for us. You rock!!!

I served my homemade spinach sour cream dip and hummus with french baguette, tortilla chips and veggies. I made a cilantro lime shrimp appetizer, bruschetta and a balsamic vinaigrette mixed greens salad. In my opinion the pièce de résistance were the fresh strawberries from my hometown of Oxnard, CA. My aunt and grandma brought it for me. It was local California grown and oh so delicious. No other strawberries taste like the ones from home. =-) The following day I took the kids to Barnum & Bailey Circus at The Staples Center. Sean got the tickets and they were suite tickets. It was better this time.

Here are some photos from the birthday party.

Princess Janette and her lovely pink fuzzy crown

she is ready for cake! 

She is serious about her cake. Janette chose the type of cake and filling. Love it! 

Here we all are.... Joël, Janette, Sean and Jonathan

Janette showing off her princess gifts

Jonathan and Janette enjoying each other

Now onto another topic. Food. My children and I were at a playdate the week of July 24th-30th and the situation pertains to food choices. So the options for a snack that my kids had were cheetos, doritos, lays and fresh cut watermelon. I observed the behavior from afar without Jonathan and Janette knowing. I watched each of their two eyeballs pour over each choice in front of them. They both settled on the fresh cut watermelon. Mind you the other kids and siblings had reached for the chips and had their 'hhmm' and 'aahhhs' while eating them. My two kids took their serving of watermelon and placed it on a plate and had a napkin in hand. They sat down at the outdoor sofa/table and ate their watermelon quietly and slowly. I could tell they were savoring each bite. Now in that moment I felt proud. I felt like I did something right. I felt like I leaped out of myself and gave myself a celebratory congratulation high five. I am not judging anyone else's child, parenting skills or their food choice. I was just proud of how my kids made their own choice and didn't adhere to the feeling of peer pressure or a 'monkey see monkey do' action. And all that was left was watermelon rind, satisfied tummies and happy faces. Woohoo!

As for any other events, fun with the kids, fun as a family and some random stuff too. I will let the pictures do that talking.

The kids and I enjoyed the Navy Band while we shopped/exchanged b-day gifts. They were good.

Jonathan and Janette at American Girl. She wanted to look around.
We ended up being there for 40 minutes. lol 

A close up of the kids posing again. 

Sean and I went to The Abbey before a kids bday party. We needed some Daddy's Milk. 

The skyline view as we drove to sports for Jonathan today.
Look at those lovely fluffy white clouds!
My last item is some information on some family fun this summer at The Grove L.A. The first one is tomorrow. =-)


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