Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today is my Baby Cakes' Birthday

Oh for the love of joy. Janette turns 4 years old today. I can not believe it! It seems like only yesterday my Little Man, Jonathan was turning 4. All day yesterday he kept telling his sister that her birthday is Tuesday July 19th. I was in shock and awe of how he can sometimes tell the date. Also this happened during dinner last night which I was not prepared for as a parent. (sigh)  I had a very emotional moment and it pertains to my discussion with my daughter today and how she is turning 4 years old tomorrow. I cried like a blubbering parent as the conversation my son and daughter were having about his first day or preschool, his day and what he did and didn't do that day. Then my daughter talks about going to preschool soon. Oh my has the time flown. My Baby Cakes is not a baby anymore. 

my now 6yr old son

my Baby Cakes now (a blissful 3yr old)

here she is as a true Baby Cakes

Janette's first self feeding with a spoon

Little Man at a ripe old age of 3

Jonathan's 4th birthday party...look at that cake!

sibling love when she was 1 and he was 3..wow time flies...I cried a little when I selected this photo

my soon to be 4yr old navigating her new scooter all by herself ( a proud daddy watched her with tears in his eye)

when did my Baby Cakes become an Independent Woman (lol) 

so this is the place where Janette made a list of her birthday presents...it is then that I knew she wasn't a baby anymore

As you can see time does fly. I feel so blessed and so lucky to be a stay at home dad. To be able to nurture and witness their growth. My partner Sean is the best partner ever for giving me this gift. A gift that is priceless. To be able to be home and take care of our household is just amazing. His hard work allows and affords this, so I am forever humbled and grateful to Sean. 

Today, this early morning all I could think about is how am I going to make today unique and special for Janette. Yes her very own birthday party is this Saturday but her actual birthday needs its own tradition.  Well I am taking her to the beach, her brother in tow and my (besty or bestie -spell check kept fighting this one) Andrew. We are headed to Northend Caffe (yep spelling of this establishment is correct) in Manhattan Beach, CA and then to the actual beach to sun bathe, chelax more like entertain the kids and have a good ol' time. I can't wait. I will post pictures and a brief message once I am home, cleaned up and kids are napping. 

One particular request that Janette had was for me to make her her favorite dinner. I asked and she said (in that ever so cute tone), "Daddy can you make me sloppy joes. It's my favorite." Now I had no idea she had a favorite dinner anything. Oh and since I have a 'from scratch' recipe for this I have made it before without any inkling of this being her favorite. I will post the recipe after the day's activities. =-)
Now you all know what is for dinner and I am in anxious anticipation for Baby Cakes to awake and start her day as a new 4yr old. Yeah!!! (still crying tears of joy over here) 

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