Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Janette's New B-Day Beach Tradition

So as I stated in my previous post, I was going to provide some photos of our beach trip to celebrate my daughter turning 4 today. Janette had a blast and my son Jonathan made sure people knew it was his sister's  birthday. Sibling love is just the best. (aaww - tear) Wait until that wears off, lol.

We frolicked in the water, sand and then sat and sun bathed a little. For me being of a medium brown complexion I am not tan all over. I did get a great tan. Yeah! The beach we went to was very calm, not so busy and easy to get in and out of. If you want to know where I went just email me via my blog.  I can say that I will make this a yearly tradition for Janette. Her birthday falls in the summer and what a better way to spend the day.

Here are the photos. My bestie Andrew is in one of the photos. What a fun day!!!! Thank you to him for coming along. Memories were made today.....

Jonathan is beach ready for sure...styling with that hat too!

the birthday girl Janette looking cute in her bathing suit

Uncle Andrew and Janette attempting to build a sand castle....Janette wasn't keen on it though,  a girl who
can make up her own mind. yeah!!! I have done something right. lol 

look at these two cutie pies!!! ready to rule the world or are just blown away
by the vastness of the ocean out in front of them...hhhmmmm I wonder

playing ball together...my heart is full seeing them enjoy each other

Janette threw the ball far right after I took this photo. go girl! 

they looked so happy! 

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